A Great Investment

International Living, the magazine and online publication that since 1994 has been the most reputable source for
purchasing property overseas, has for several years recognized Panama as one of the most desirable countries to invest
in.  Even Kathleen Peddicord, International Living’s Publisher, decided to make Panama her family’s home in 2008.

Panama has not been affected by the economic downturn as it has the United States and Europe.  Panama City is the
fastest growing city in Central America, and developments throughout Panama are continuing even during these  difficult
economic times.

Capital Gains

As Bocas del Toro has only become more widely known during the past ten years, property here can be purchased at a
fraction of the price in other more established regions, especially as compared to the Eastern Caribbean or even Costa
Rica.  Our excellent location, along with the new buildings we have in development has probably the highest potential for
capital growth than any other area of Bocas Town.  Playa Istmito white-sand beach is the closest to town, yet lies a
world apart.  This area of Isla Colon is experiencing some of the fastest development on the island, and is quickly turning
into one of the most modern and exclusive areas of Bocas Town.   This ensures the economic value of your investment
will increase.

Attractive Rental Income

Bocas del Toro continues to be one of the most economical holiday destinations in the Caribbean. The number of visiting
tourists has grown exponentially over the last few years and the growth continues at a very rapid pace. The number of
hotel rooms has nearly tripled in the last five or six years. The nightly rates though not high by international standards
have also steadily gone up. You can offer travelers the opportunity to stretch their dollars while giving them more
spacious accommodations and full kitchen facilities.

Bocas draws visitors from the US, Canada and Europe. Recently there has been a major jump in tourists from Latin
American countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Costa Rica, a region where the countries’ economies have held up well in
the present economic crisis.  As the pace of development in Bocas del Toro continues, more and more business
professionals are taking up residence here, increasing the demand for limited rental accommodation of good quality
available. There is thus solid potential for earning attractive rental income.

Property Management

Unlike a private residence, you can rest assured that your property will be secure and properly managed while you
are away.  Our property managers live on-site and will take care of your investment as if it  were their own.  

We would love to help you acquire your piece of paradise.  
We are prepared to assist with financing
and low down payments.  
Bocas Seaview Condos flora and fauna
Bocas Seaview Condos butterflies
Bocas Seaview Condos birds
Bocas Seaview Condos sloth
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Bocas Seaview Condos - view of Bocas
"Many travel experts are calling Panama the
new Costa Rica, and Leffel likens the region
to a pre-Ambergris-Caye-rush Belize.  Bocas
del Toro, an Atlantic coast Panamanian
archipelago, offers "the charm of the
Caribbean Islands without the prices," says

Tim Leffel, author of
The World's Cheapest
Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Money
Is Worth a Fortune.  
Forbes, Novemeber, 2008.